The Civilians (1995 -2000)


matthew's second band featured an ever-revolving lineup, finally ending up on the one pictured above, which lasted from 1998 until their last show in January of 2000 at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater, after which matthew began work on what would become the matthew show.

This lineup produced the band's only CD release in 1999, an eponymous EP featuring these two catchy little numbers:

I've Said It (by Jeff Simms, 1998) - 3.39 MB

Looking Towards the Future (by matthew, 1998) - 3.26 MB


matthew - vocals, guitar

Ron Geida - guitar, vocals

Layne McConnell - bass, vocals

Jeff "Gustavson" Simms - drums, keyboards, vocals


Other members of the Civilians during its run: Robert "KISSArmy" Wright, Jason Earll, and the late Joe Cada, who we miss.

Some of these may be found in the Dramatis Personae.

The Civilians EP is available at CD Baby.


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