The Average Deep (1991-1995)


matthew's very first band, formed in Weatherford, TX by high school chums and fortified in college years by Bowie, TX transplants Jason "Shithead" Jackson and James Dunn. That lineup, pictured here, called it quits in 1995 due to diverging musical directions.

Not much of decent sound quality survives the band, but here are a couple that matthew likes:

Drench (by James Dunn, 1995) - 3.54 MB

from the cassette Drench


James Dunn - vocals (lead on this track), guitar

matthew - vocals, guitar

Jason K. "Shithead" Jackson - vocals, bass

Jeff "Gustavson" Simms - drums


A Dog In The Rain (by matthew, 1993) - 3.54 MB

from the cassette The Average Deep


matthew - vocals, guitar

deanpence - keyboard, vocals

Michael "Hippie" Montgomery - bass

Jeff "Gustavson" Simms - drums

Darren Brown - guest keyboard on this track


Other members of the Average Deep during its quixotic existence: Curt Meiers, Chris White, Michael Bodiford, Dusty Stults, Travis "Meathead" Johnson, and Mike Jordan.

Some of these may be found in the Dramatis Personae.

If you're interested in obtaining a CD copy of either or both of these cassettes, drop matthew a line.


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