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It has come to my attention that my various rants against Judaism might lead one to believe I am an Anti-Semite. Allow me to debunk this.

If we are defining "Anti-Semite" as someone who finds the religion of Judaism unpalatable, then I am also an Anti-Christite, an Anti-Muslite, an Anti-Hinduite, and even an Anti-Osirisite and an Anti-Zeusite, if we're going back that far.

I'm basically an AntiOrganizedReligionite.

If, however, we are defining "Anti-Semite" as someone who believes Jews to be an inferior race, then I am not even in the same universe. Firstly, Judaism is a religion, not a race, and the historical inference to the contrary--employed mostly by oppressors, starting with the Romans--is rather questionable.

Secondly, there is but one race, and that is homo sapiens. Unless born with a scientifically provable mental defect, all members of this one race should be judged equally on their actions as individuals, not as part of some imagined cultural identity.

History has conditioned us to react violently when someone begins criticizing Judaism, because it is usually the precursor to a heinous act of oppression. But we must not make the mistake that one religion cannot be criticized alongside every other religion in the world. Equality is equality, and it abides no exceptions.

Given my objection to Bush's "American Exceptionalism", it is hardly surprising that I would take this view in regard to Judaism. Sacred cows taste just as good as reg'lar ones. (though I'm not sure what that means...)

Now piss off.

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