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She Divine and Existence Libertine - 2004

The music: a little of pop music by this musician and songwriter from rural Texas (now he lives in New York City); pop music that is maybe independent, maybe not, it depends on what track are you listening to; maybe modern, maybe more old (60's)... New album which contains above all, songs, and that's the only relevant thing: songs, much more important than knowing whether this is pop, rock or whatever, since here is a little of all, as well as some slight (alternative) country and blues echoes. The good things are above all the immediate easiness of the tracks; direct emotions in a music a little cloudy and melancholic. texas is a varied record, but I would not say that it is exactly "eclectic"; you can find ballads (in some moments this is the worst and less creative part of his music, with some -pop- ballads maybe too typical for teenagers, but this only happens in a few tracks and fortunately matthew tries during the entire record to offer something more pure and artistic); there are also some things more experimental, rare and curious like Office Suite, Part I; pieces like Symbiotic Angel with a violin which is simply marvellous; or more dynamic rock tracks. In tracks like the before mentioned Symbiotic Angel and others you will find slight background electronic programmings too. The second part of Office Suite offers spoken-word over 70's and funky ideas mixed with office voices and phones. And matthew still has room for more elements: precious piano or violin arrangements; more acoustic music here or more electric music there, "songs with drums and songs without them"... but his music always has that grey and sad emotion and it is mainly slow, quiet, suggestive and intimate, with a special talent to create melodies that get into your heart, in the company of the loose and calming vocal style of matthew and his sense of humour and ironic lyrics (often it is similar to a lullaby or something like that, or a kind of dozing crooner). A document of his life to date: "dayjobs, gigs, self-important doormen, fear of hipness, whatever". Pop from the nerd lunchtable by a fellow who likes to wear old suits...

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