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Brand X - 2004

Comment on your life. Look at it each morning and resign yourself to the ongoing slew of shit that the next days' going to bring. Realise what you need to get out of it but realise also, for now, right here is all you have.

the matthew show is wonderfully depressing. The tempo never quite reaches happy but sometimes touches upon it and allows the listener to settle back and nodd appreciatively and with understanding of matthew's sentiments on the day to day to day to day of his, and your, life.

My favourite aspects of this rhetoric self analysis are the spoken-word songs. Like the Eels (but much more interesting and personal) he envokes really honest and real situations that any one of us who has ever had to leave the house will have some knowledge of, emotions that every one of us will find familiar. Its like listening to your own internal monologue clinging to its once solid idealism of what you should have been, that understood that potential everyone told you you had when you were young, but stopped sometime around 20.

Somehow the matthew show is at once morbidly average and yet definate in its individualism... He won't be showing up any time soon on the Billboard top 40, but theres a space for him in anyone who ever got out of puberty alive.

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