Hey howdy & all.

I've often said that if people have dogs in New York, they should be small, because a big dog shouldn't be crammed into a tiny apartment. I'm beginning to think dogs in general are a bad idea up here.

I saw this little shaggy mutt being led around Times Square during rush hour, & the poor fella nearly got squished several times by the stampeding mob. I prayed that the owner would pick the pitiful, scared little thing up, but I guess he was walking him for exercise. Gonna give that dog a heart attack or a 300-pound tourist attack if he's not...careful...

Ugh. I can't write this.

I'm so mad I could spit. I don't care who you voted for in the Election Of Agggh, no one could've seen this shit coming. By "this shit", I mean Bush announcing that he can declare war on Iraq without the permission of Congress. Did no one see Attack of the Fucking Clones? "Oooh, we've just remembered a threat we've been aware of for OVER 10 YEARS. Quick, vote the executive branch Emergency Powers!"

It wouldn't scare me so much if it weren't for the Great And Powerful Oz poking his head out of the curtain today. How familiar was THAT sensation? Your mom's been telling you for days to clean your room, & after you still don't take her seriously, out comes Dad: "Your mother SAID..."

I was content to think that Bush was just posturing & we could ignore the little fucker. But Big Daddy Cheney steps out & I start believing they'll do it. And I'm not even getting into whether we should or shouldn't invade Iraq. I'm just saying that Congress should make the final determination. I'm not playing around here, these Bush people scare the hell out of me.

See, the argument is that Congress voted war powers to the President in 1991 regarding Iraq. Voted WHO war powers? WHO? George HERBERT Walker Bush. Oh yeah, and Dick Cheney. "Yes, we're just taking over where I...I mean, where President Bush The Elder left off." Are they mannequins? Can anyone authenticate the birth of any Bush children? That's the shit they were building out in Area 51 during the 70s. That's what they DIDN'T catch Nixon doing.

Anyway, the war powers were given for the liberation of Kuwait (I've been listening to NPR all day), not for the invasion of Iraq any damn time we feel like it, no lines, no waiting. Using the administration's logic, the President can bomb Japan any fucking time he feels like it. "We got permission back in 1941, didn't we?"

And it's not even the specifics that are bugging me the most. It's the statement itself. Why would they go out of their way to make a statement like that? It's like walking into a bar and announcing that you have a 12-inch penis. You don't do that unless you plan to use it.

Sigh. I never thought that Wifely & I would ever be considering Greyhound tickets to D.C., but if this crap keeps up...

Okay, I promise I'll write a real Letter From NYC this week. I just have to hit something with my closed fists of rage first. Where's a dumpster when I need one?



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