4-17-05, 8:42 PM -

The old lady next door's trying to outblast my U2 with her U2 (New Year's Day both ways through the walls even), the little Hasidim are attempting to pelt each other with frisbees outside, and I'm just about as sick of writing about obscure rodeo events as I can be (my pole bending book's due next week). It's a heck of a Sunday night here in Borough Park, on the heels of a lovely weekend spent doing things that weren't outdoors, which is a damned dirty shame.

Truth is, I haven't had any time to write a letter this month, busy as I've been with miscellaneous life flotsam. However, I do need to get word to the NYC folk about a kickass show I've got coming up in a couple of weeks. Clear your calendars for Saturday, April 30th, round about 7:00 PM, for it is then that the matthew show will take the stage at Club SEHO on the Lower East Side. The form of the beast is a trio, since it worked so well at the 169 Bar a few weeks ago. Our good friend Kimberly Perry is on drums, the seldom-seen deanpence is on bass, and a certain honky is making with the guitar and vocal. And I finally got my suit dry-cleaned, so come out and feel the material.

I don't want to send a two-paragraph letter, so I figure this is as good a time as any to introduce a new feature on thematthewshow.com, Letters From Everywhere. I know people in various places throughout the U.S. and the world, and often their stories are more interesting than mine, so I've decided to post them as they come in and as I get the whim.

The first of these letters is quite lovely, from my good friend Paul, whom many of you will remember as the Letter From Belgrade guy a while back. Well, now he's in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area, and wishes to share his tale of woe with you all. I've also got a letter from my friend Michelle, deep in the heart of Texas, posted here.

So with much ahemming and rusty squeaking of the spotlight, I present Part One of the matthew show's first Letter From CA.

9:10 PM -

All righty then, time to take my Sunday sleeping pill. Seriously, I don't have a prayer of getting to bed before 3AM if I don't take my pill on Sunday night. All artistes have chemical dependencies, I'm not that special. I kinda got the one that was the least rock-n-roll, though. Hell, before that it was Krispy Kreme, so at least I've graduated to pharmaceuticals.

Thanks much to all who turned out to my Panther City show in Fort Worth last month, it was a hootenanny. And to all those at the 169 Bar on the 4th, we had a grand old time. Don't forget the 30th. Don't use the pencil, use the pen. Better yet, the Sharpie.

I've actually got bits and pieces of a new letter in my notebook, I just have to type them up, which I'll do soon. Thanks to all who write me back every month, it's good to hear from people. I may be a misanthrope, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy good conversation.

Good night, don't nobody go nowhere.





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