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(the matthew show offers these words without implicit endorsement, but in the interest of provoking thought and discussion. The most recently added are listed first...)


One Gulp And Bush Was Gone by Sidney Blumenthal, published in the Guardian

Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut, published in In These Times

Without A Doubt by Ron Suskind, published in the New York Times

Lie Down for America by Thomas Frank, published in Harper's Magazine

Will We Need A New "All the President's Men"? by Frank Rich, published in the New York Times

Pat Robertson on George W. Bush's pre-war expectation of no casualties, reported on CNN

Kerry's Undeclared War by Matt Bai, published in the New York Times

James Baker's Double Life by Naomi Klein, published in the Nation

Daddy Darkest by Charles P. Pierce, published in the American Prospect

Excerpt from speech to Gulf War veterans by former President George H.W. Bush at Fort Myer, VA, February 28, 1999 (full speech here)

Come September by Arundhati Roy, presented at Lensic Performing Arts Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 18, 2002

The Big One by Adam Gopnik, published in the New Yorker

George W. Bush's Missing Year by Mary Jacoby, published in Salon

The Democratic Party Is Toast by Bush advisor Grover Norquist, published in the Washington Monthly

Cheney & Mandela: Reconciling the Truth About Cheney's Vote by Farai Chideya, published on August 3, 2000 in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press

We're Not In Lake Wobegon Anymore by Garrison Keillor, published in In These Times

Jokesters Now the Go-to Guys For U.S. Candidates by John Doyle, published in the Globe and Mail

The Church of Bush by Rick Perlstein, published in the Village Voice

George W. Bush and the Texas Press: Is the Honeymoon Over? by Robert Bryce, published in the Columbia Journalism Review

The Price of Valor by Dan Baum, published in the New Yorker

Caught Jeb Handed by Billmon

Democracy In The Balance by Bill Moyers, published in Sojourners magazine

Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change report by Peter Slevin, published in the Washington Post

Welcome To America by Elena Lappin, published in the Guardian

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, speaking to Attorney General John
Ashcroft in a Senate Judiciary Hearing on 6-8-04

Address on Iraq Policy by Al Gore on May 26, 2004 at New York University

Retired General Anthony Zinni on CBS' 60 Minutes, May 21, 2004

Text of the 2004 College of William & Mary Commencement speech by Jon Stewart

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farewell Address, 1961, transcript from US News and World Report

Editorial: A Failure of Leadership at the Highest Levels by the Army Times, published in the Army Times

Apocalypse Please by George Monbiot, published in The Guardian

True Hero Athlete / Day's Theme: Challenge Yourself by Gwen Knapp, published in the San Francisco Chronicle

The 9/11 Timeline by Paul Thompson, presented on Air America's Randi Rhodes Show

Donald Rumsfeld caught live on NBC, presented by MoveOn.org

Fish. Barrel. Boom. by William Rivers Pitt, published in truthout.com

The Great Escape by Craig Unger, published in Salon.com

9/11 Nonsense by William Rivers Pitt, published in AxisofLogic.com

The New Pentagon Papers by Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, published in Salon.com

President George Bush and the Gilded Age by Professor Yoshi Tsurumi (George W. Bush's professor at Harvard Business School), published by the Center for Global Communications, University of Japan

Power Rangers by Joshua Micah Marshall, published in The New Yorker

Twilight of the Neocons? by Billmon

Call Me A Bush-Hater by Molly Ivins, published in The Progressive

Freedom and Security by former Vice President Al Gore, presented at Constitution Hall in Washington

Can American Democracy Survive Computerized Voting? by Andrew Gumbel, reported on vancouver.indymedia.org

Statement to the media by Maher Arar, reported on Canada.com

The Widening Crusade by Sydney H. Schanberg, published in the Village Voice

Neo-Conned, by Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, presented on the floor of the House of Representatives

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free) by Arundhati Roy

Text of the 2003 Rockford College Commencement speech by Chris Hedges

Paul Berman, political and cultural critic (interviewed by Salon.com)

Major General Smedley Butler, 1930s-era peace activist and former Marine

George Galloway, British Member of Parliament


(For most of these, I've decided to provide links instead of printing the entire text of these pieces, since I care not for theft. But please visit these sites on my recommendation, whatever that's worth to you.)

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