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The Google Hit Page


First let me say that I stole this idea. I've seen it on many blogs, & it never fails to crack me up. So now, I'm taking an unusual step for the matthew show and COMPLETELY RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. But that's okay, because it's funny.

Below are phrases that, when looked up on Google, produce a page on thematthewshow.com as a result. Keep in mind that many of these are not funny because my site came up, but because someone looked them up in the first place.

First, my favorites:

columbus day and tits
arab ass
indian panties thump
pee castle bladder
weatherford texas women to fuck
porn stars from weatherford
poopy pants chili
pictures of ladies dangly bits
porn stars turned mormons
big white ass from nyc
ass white pants
girl i saw on the plane to zurich
how to massage your own ass

Then our adventure begins:

dabney coleman in bondage
crappy tits
fur boobs
what to do when the mens restroom is being cleaned and you have to go
deaf strip show
midget porn poopy nasty
chloroformed the avenger
fuck gay mormons
how to impress serbian in laws
what or whom was nick mason's great influence?
bb guns tits
show me how to give a lap dance
weatherford texas bars
they do not mean to but they do?
big ass in lap
little kid fucky
chikin copier
gay personal trainers nyc
animated sombreros
inbred porn
pictures of bare feet in cow pie
hot 70s ass
killer swans
how to fuck a german shepherd
i'm the fattest girl in japan
where in nyc can i buy heroin?
ligers fuck with girls
weird al yankovic serbian
oldest fuck in the world
lap dance on midget

somewhere in the world there is a capital city and it has 6 letters in it's name if you rearrange the letters you get the name of a well known island that is about 1000 miles from the city and the city has at least 5 million ppl

men on the shitter
strongest wizards ever
oh to fuck hot chicks
that 70s show porn
gay fattest men
deskmate full crack
nazi fucking porn
hot mums being fucked
chub men bigass
why european chicks are hotter then american girls
show me tits in shirts
wookie soft porn
midget town fort worth
jackoff machines
dangly tits
why georgia chicks are so hot?
girls who want to be fucked in islamabad
guilford seafood 100 years
watching my mom ass
kill bob saget
mullet black person
antibush beer
tickle pikachu
feet are killing heels
fuck you google
sheep male strip clubs in nyc
u2 muscle shirt
tipper gore tits
deaf bars nyc
where to buy heroin in nyc
islamabad tits
fuck a german shepherd
show me the oldest war machine
i want to fuck nyc women today
i am an anti semite
ass stuffing gays
dry hump iii
stinky the nasty little office guy
dominican hairdressers in flatbush brooklyn
dachshund parade nyc
how to show that secretary types letter for boss
sniff cable connections
sample show ass licking
gay boys in renfaire stocks
armor boobs
gangsta vishnu
there's more in the middle of an egg mcmuffin than an egg in the middle of a muffin
stoner thoughts
nazi porn
big tits cocaine
matthew rush taking it in the ass
maja fucking
show a letter in which i tell that i can not pay some money
slivovitz kosher for passover
midget hang out nyc
midgets town fort worth
serbian babes
croatian chicks
croatia fucking women by internet
matthew show in japan
matthew show japan
pink fur nazi porn
boba boobs
vincent d'onofrio butt
vincent d'onofrio fuck
vincent d'onofrio whipped
arab d'onofrio
pink floyd the beatles are much better than today's mainstream music
gut punches
thanatopsis emshwiller
afghans skinning russians
that '70s show panties
that 70s show red boobs
red foreman says you're a dumbass
korean lady
david slivovitz
weatherford texas mom's
filthy irish
i'm a big boy
show an example of a letter to my lawyer
renfaire big tits
hippy porn
matthew rush fucked up the ass
fuck in the middle of london
nyc laws for bb guns
show me men's eyebrows
smedley airborne express
private room bachelor party steak dinner new york
pseudo musical noise
john fuck you gravestone
something that has to with letter d in n.y.c
show me how to google someone
in my backyard lies a temperate bed of snow
fucking texan
butt stuffer
major jackoffs
lap dance orgasm
orgasm lap dance
perky nipples show though shirt
men's haircut full metal jacket
on the shitter college
fuck you gravestone
ugly hats
caged ferret effects
show me some envelopes
nubia or taunts or sublanguages or unslotted or northward
i haven't done jack shit
i'm the golden boy
oh my feet are killing me
stupid protesting
funny minnesota old couple show
brooklyn big ass
pink floyd sober dark side of the moon
child porn busts
pop culture whitman's samplers
german shepherd fuck
woof woof wear nyc
renfaire tickle
letter donuts
ross thoreau
stick fighting show nyc
timeline of the chevy nova
what's wrong with the world now
old ingles bubble letters
stoner thoughts
judge matthew show
deskmate cow sheep
nyc munchkins
dallas morning news idiot boss
stomach ache eating chicken corn
what is a cheek dimple
howard dean yowl
bar d'oh nyc
islamabad underground sex clubs
glass strom door nyc
homemade burial vault
african american weirdos
voodoo in fort greene brooklyn
fuck? fuck? you fucking nazis i'll fuck you all up! i will fucking kill you!
gotta humpa
jewish humpa
bob saget cursing video
bob saget porn
bob saget i will give head for crack
kosher for passover splenda
diorama squanto
photos of fat children
world's fattest kids
world's fattest men
perfect eyebrows nyc
rush limbaugh 24/7 customer service phone
glen phillips secret information
asshole texans
my feet are killing me gravestone
dido's bare feet
sinead o'connor bare feet
under white pants
show me what a business letter looks like
jesus love you long time
where strippers give head in nyc
dingo timeline
whoopie pie origin
kung fu in nyc and brooklyn
parker jelly
underground bands of pakistan
weird al yankovic yoda song into al gore
i like mustard on my biscuits
hippie chicks in connecticut
message of the star wars
show me any porn sights not block
cat fur clumping
fear of enemas
bob barker's parents
bob barker's microphone
bob barker tits sweater
screaming mimis
hyperactive german shepherd
role is a status that we inherit at birth
hand fart weird al
proctoring definition
picture von erich claw
cliff onderson

pronounce gyro
big ligers
slacker fired workplace
lump throat atkins diet
neti kettle
cocaine spots in nyc
stupid christmas letters
john small berries
pink floyd and stoner rock
hey you amp settings gilmour
asian train
is eddie murphy one of jehovah's witnesses
eddie murphy jehovah's witnesses
eddie murphy jehovah
pictures of jehovah's witnesses in texas
al franken jehovah's
al franken needs his ass whipped
how to survive in this crappy economy
mister rogers gay
economy in the shitter porn
i live in weatherford texas
bom ba bom i should've known i should've known that girl lyrics
yaks mating
letters to bosses over unhappiness
strong bad talent show
pope's head wear
male strip clubs in nyc


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