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Brylcreem vs...

I don't know shit about hair care products. Really, I don't. Except one thing:

Brylcreem beats 'em all.

I'm not kidding. For decades, Brylcreem has been THE choice for the gentleman in search of the perfect slickum. Ask your grampa. Hell, ask your gramma. But believe me:

Put on some Brylcreem. Now try putting ANY hair product on top of it. Then watch in amazement as the new product shrinks in fear from the might of Brylcreem and becomes completely impotent. Hair spray, pomade, gel, mousse, ANYTHING...they are slaves to the power of Brylcreem.

I have attempted to document my experiments to prove this hypothesis. Read and be amazed:


Brylcreem vs. Suave Naturals Hair Spray

I've sprayed my 'do with this stuff for quite a while, & it normally keeps my mop from getting its Beatle on, but Brylcreem reduced it to a cowering husk. I had to check the nozzle to make sure I had actually sprayed it. Brylcreem wins again.



Brylcreem vs. Citre Shine Styling Glue

Now, this Styling Glue shit is powerful stuff. It'll turn your coif into a lethal weapon with a couple of innocent dabs, so I figured it would be a worthy contender for our champion. But I put it on after a dose of Brylcreem, and...where'd it go? I swear to God, Brylcreem EATS this stuff like roaches eat Raid. The champion still reigns.


Brylcreem vs. Hairgum Pomade

Hairgum was once my head grease of preference, but a quick showdown with Brylcreem sent the poor sap back to his mommy. It was like Skeletor vs. He-Man. Don't be jackin' with Brylcreem.


Taken the Brylcreem challenge? Email the matthew show with your results.

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