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Spunout Central - 2004

Don't let the song titles fool you, the balance of texas is merciless soulful balladry. matthew's rich croon permeates his eclectic acoustic/electric instrumentation. matthew's unique sonance, perfect delivery and consistently strong lyrics immediately carry what may seem on the surface as deliberate ballads. However, delicate tinkering keys this noteworthy album.

Genres mutate with ease. texas' subtle craftiness and superb arrangements requires repeated listens to fully appreciate. Along with the listed genres, there are string, electronica and rock elements. They tend to scratch along the periphery, so casual listening may not reveal these sonic attributes.

Office Suite, Part I would remind many of the cubicle-dwelling response to Shawn Mullin's smash, Lullaby, but with the absence of a chorus. It's the only obvious single because of the tweaky Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey's American Beauty character) monotone and darkly comedic rant. Office Suite, Part I carries one in a legion of tones exercised on texas.

texas is intelligent and cunningly crafted personal pop. The renderingly may seem displaced in this generic pop era, but makes for a lasting experience rather than a throwaway fad.

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