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Symbiotic Angel
(© 2000 the matthew show)

Remember me
We shared the same hotel
On the field trip down to...never mind
It seems it's just as well
But you said you'd never fall away
But your symbiotic angel held the day

Follow me
Though you've never seen my face
Through the blood and sweat and steam of battle
That time cannot erase
You are not the architect of pain
And my symbiotic angel wins again

Soldiers' Creek
Down by that shady path
And a man and woman compromise
With each suspended breath
And he says he'll never go away
And his symbiotic angel says, "okay"

Dreamers dream
Console the remaining mass
Find the words to make the most out of
The completely meaningless
But what can I do to fall away
From my symbiotic angel far away
'Cause I never said I'd feel this way
For my symbiotic angel far away

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