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The Railroad Man
(© 2004 the matthew show)

He said, brother, pass the hat
Like we told you you should do
All railroad men must die
But the train it moves right through

I resolve to take more pictures
Of the people doing time
And I resolve to drink more liquor
And I resolve to kill more time
And as long as there are bones in me
I will not make my stand
And I resolve to stay away
From the railroad man

He said, give me one good reason
Give me one good dream
But not the things that your kind can't do
All those special ones you've seen
He said, do it for your mother
Do it for Diane
Just as long as what you're doing
Won't outdo your old man

I resolve to think more clearly
I resolve to wash my hands
And I resolve to find a river
And I resolve to build a dam
And as long as you'll believe me
I'll make up what I am
And I resolve to stay away
From the railroad man

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