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Old Enough
(© 1999 the matthew show and Jeff Simms)

When you were young
You mapped the sun
And all its features swirled about
And now you stand
Ph.D in hand
With no one to acknowledge it
But I for one
I see that sun
And I will help you follow it
'Cause you're not done yet
And you're not having fun yet
And you are much too young

Old enough to grieve about your life

A father and his son
Playing in the sandbox
Potential lying everywhere
But away melt the grains
To sweep away the pain
Of all the things that might've been
And I for one
I am that son
And I ask for it back again
'Cause I'm not done yet
And I'm not having fun yet
And I am much too young

Old enough to grive about my life

There's still a chance to come around...

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