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The Love Song That I Hate
(© 2010 the matthew show)

There’s a love song that I hate
And it goes like this one doesn’t
Brings in moons and stars and smoky bars
And cheap tricks by the dozen

So I wrote this to correct it
And I hope that you select it
From the jukebox in your mind
Let me tell you what you’ll find

It’ll get old, it’ll get numb
You’ll get smart where you were dumb
You’ll thank god for what you’ve got
And then you’ll wonder whether or not
You were talking to anyone, and you’ll hear
Of pastures greener and you’ll fear
That you’ve made the most terrible mistake
If you listen to the love song I hate

It gets written every day
By some fool who knows the way
To make money part from wallets
To make people scream and call it

But wait, there’s more, they can’t sustain it
Then they’ll sing about the pain it caused
Pay the lawyers’ bill and then
Write the thing again


P.T. Barnum said each minute
There’s a sucker born who’ll buy it
Sense or no, they’ll want to try it
And who are you to deny it

So they buy until they’re dead
With this dreamland in their head
That they’ll never, ever see
But yea, the truth shall set you free


Don’t get me wrong, love is great
But it’s such a big mistake
To listen to the love song I hate

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