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King of the Bastards
(© 2004 the matthew show)

West 4th Street ends badly
Hits the promise head-on
Ten years too late I come
And I find the world's moved on

And they use such a different ruler
The one that tells you how to be cooler
Than the ones you left behind
You've measured your dreams, now you'll measure mine

Don't ask me why I'm the king of the bastards
And why my epitaph is plastered
Right over my bed, as if someone had said,
"This man once mattered"

West Berry ends badly
Hits the right note just wrong
And you can wait all day for the train
That the promise says will come

And it sits and it sits like a kiss on the lips
Of a fat, lying son of a bitch
And it looks so fine at night
Till they turn on the ugly lights


And I've heard all the tunes and read all the letters
But it doesn't make it any better
To be standing right here at the birth of a nearby
Star in the sky

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