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In the End
(© 2011 the matthew show)

Don’t get caught between the fact and the expectation
Between the question and the observation
Between the rumor and the confirmation

No, don’t get lost inside the story of your own creation
Made of outside information
You have to be the doctor and the patient

Before you realize it’s there
You’ve built a fortress of thin air
And have to tear it down layer by layer by layer

And in the end, you’ll never find the world you were thinking of

Don’t set up shop between the promise and the consummation
Between the power of your own persuasion
And the actual observation

Take a look up top before you rush to the battle stations
Before you find that your concentration
Is on a fictional destination

Tilting windmills in the air
And you’re the only one who cares
Do you wonder if it’s really really really there


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reviews · interviews · lyrics · history